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USA: Severe storms claim lives

USA: Severe storms claim lives

Status: 08/08/2023 10:15 am

Severe storms wreaked havoc across the eastern and southeastern United States. At least two people died and thousands of flights were canceled or delayed. More than 600,000 people lost power.

At least two people have died in storms and storms across the eastern United States. A 28-year-old boy was killed by lightning in Alabama and a 15-year-old boy was killed by a falling tree in South Carolina, local media reported.

The storm hit much of the US East Coast from Alabama to New York. Hailstones four inches in diameter have been reported in Virginia. The National Weather Service NWS predicted a “moderate risk” of dangerous storms with winds of up to 130 km/h and then issued severe weather warnings for millions of people.

In places like Westminster, Maryland, power poles were down. Millions of people on the East Coast temporarily lost power.

Hundreds of thousands Without electricity

Power lines and trees fell on streets and houses, according to media reports. More than 600,000 people were temporarily without power, according to the information site In the capital, Washington, federal employees were sent home early to avoid sitting in their cars in the wind and hail.

The storms wreaked havoc on air travel: More than 8,000 flights were delayed and 1,700 were canceled, according to flight data website “FlightAware.”

Possible Tornado Warning

The National Weather Service issued a tornado watch for the Washington metro area, classifying the area as favorable for a possible tornado. Additionally, similar notices and actual warnings were applied to ten states from Tennessee to New York.

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As of Monday afternoon, the National Weather Service said it had issued a tornado watch for more than 29.5 million people. A flash flood warning was also issued for the state of Maryland after four inches of rain fell in a short period of time.

Temperatures up to 42 degrees Celsius will be recorded in the south

Meanwhile, heat warnings continue to be in effect in southern US states such as Texas, Louisiana and Florida, where temperatures are forecast to reach 42 degrees on Tuesday. A few weeks ago, temperatures in the southern United States were above 40 degrees for several days.