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USA: The autistic boy has been missing for three years


April 17, 2022 – 11:16 am See

Happy Easter results for the missing person in the United States: Connorjack Oswald has been wanted by his family for two and a half years, and now they have finally found the young man with autism. He disappeared in Clearlake, California when he was 16 and suddenly reappeared in Utah, 1,200 kilometers away.

Mom: “I never had a day looking for him”

“There is never a day that I do not look for him in some form or another,” said his happy mother, Susan Flint.

The U.S. broadcaster CBS reports that Connorjack Oswalt was found sleeping between shopping carts at a Summit County supermarket. He was freezing and shivering in the cold. Officers asked him if he would like to come in their car to warm up. There his identity was checked and he was reported missing.

They did not consider Oswald a criminal, a police official said, according to the broadcaster. He and his colleagues “instinctively” felt the need to take care of the young man.

Dad immediately got in the car to see his son

When they called the parents, Oswald’s mother was able to positively identify the son from the interpretation of a birthmark. His father Gerald Flint immediately got in the car and drove for more than four hours to see his son again.

Police are currently trying to find out where Conorjack Oswald was three years after he went missing. Social workers who are trained to deal with people with autism care for the young person. In addition to autism, he suffers from a number of mental illnesses, according to CBS. His family hopes Connorjack will be able to come to their home soon. (uvo)

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