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USA: The case against “Obama Care” is dismissed – Trump suddenly talks about “profit”

It would have a health insurance plan for millions of Americans. Republicans sought to declare health care reform completely unconstitutional. They began in 2012 with a previous Supreme Court ruling. At the time, the need to take out health insurance or pay a fine was challenged. The Supreme Court classified this provision as a tax. Congress, which was in control of the Republican Party at the time, reduced the sentence to zero. On this basis, they now argued in court that there is no question of no more taxes because there is no more income – and without division, the whole law would be null and void.

Suddenly Trump talks about a “big win”

However, seven of the nine Supreme Court justices opposed the argument – including the former US president. Donald Trump Appointed Judges Brett Kavanagh and Amy Connie Barrett. Trump has fought against reform for years and has openly expressed hope that it can be overturned by the Supreme Court.

Democrat Joe Biden, a former Democrat, welcomed the court ruling. “The biggest victory for the American people,” the US president wrote on Twitter on Thursday. Millions of people depend on the terms of their health insurance.

“Obama Care” gave about 20 million Americans new access to health insurance, while in some cases the tax went up. Another important thing is that people can no longer be denied insurance due to previous illnesses.