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Airbus-Boeing dispute: US and Great Britain waive new fines

After reaching an agreement with the European Union, the US government has also agreed to this England To ease trade dispute Airbus And Boeing Communication. Both sides agreed to suspend mutual penalty fees for the next five years. The deal is good news for big employers and sectors such as aviation, said Liz Truss, UK trade secretary. So far, Scottish whiskey has suffered penalties in the United States.

Two days ago, the European Union and the United States engaged themselves in waiving penalties by 2026. This mitigated the conflict with aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing. Since Brexit, Great Britain has had to conclude agreements with its trade partners independently from the EU. Airbus also has various locations in Great Britain.

The grant dispute goes back almost 17 years. US President Biden said the United States and the European Union would now work more closely together to tackle China’s unfair trade practices. The Ministry of Commerce announced in London that Great Britain and the United States have also agreed to close cooperation here.

The EU and the United States have accused each other of paying billions of dollars in illegal subsidies to Airbus and Boeing. In Python’s predecessors Donald Trump The United States was from the World Trade Organization in it Get permission to impose penalty fees on $ 7.5 billion worth of European goods and services, including 25 per cent on wines and spirits and 15 per cent on Airbus aircraft. One year later, the European Union also approved the imposition of penalties on US imports worth $ 4 billion by the World Trade Organization.

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