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USA: Trump wins the primaries in the states of Missouri, Michigan and Idaho

USA: Trump wins the primaries in the states of Missouri, Michigan and Idaho

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump won internal party primaries in other states. the the Republican Party In the state of Missouri, Trump officially announced his victory after counting all the votes, and announced that the 77-year-old man had won every district in the state. He received 100 percent of the delegate votes.

Missouri is in the middle United State Its population is six million people. As in other states, voting was not conducted in the traditional manner at polling stations, but in small party meetings – so-called caucus meetings.

Trump wins Michigan by about 98 percent

Trump also clearly won over his last remaining rival, the former US ambassador to the United Nations, at a Republican caucus meeting in Michigan. Nikki Haley. According to internal party information, he received nearly 98 percent of the local delegate votes — 1,575 votes to 36. Michigan had already held a regular primary on Tuesday. Due to an intra-party dispute, only 16 party delegates to the party conference were initially selected for nomination in the summer. Former President Trump received twelve of these. His primary win adds 39 more wins.

in Idaho According to predictions from the American television channels CNN and NBC, Trump also clearly won. NBC reported that after counting about 60 percent of the votes, the former president achieved a good result of 84 percent. Nikki Haley received less than 14% of the votes. The conservative state of Idaho is located in the northwestern United States of America and has a population of about two million people.

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Trump has so far won all the votes in his party's primaries in the presidential elections scheduled for the fall. It is unclear how long his rival Haley will remain in the race, as she no longer effectively has a chance of beating Trump. The former president enjoys significant support among the party's base.

According to a new poll, Trump will have a good chance of defeating Joe Biden in the fall presidential elections. In the poll on behalf of The New York Times The former president received 48 percent, and the current president from the Democratic Party received only 43 percent.

In a campaign appearance on Saturday in Greensboro, North Carolina, Trump strongly attacked Biden's immigration policy. Trump said: “Biden’s behavior on our border is, by all definition, a conspiracy to overthrow the United States of America.” He added, “Biden and his partners want to collapse the American system, overturn the will of real American voters, and create a new power base that gives them control for generations.”

In an appearance in Virginia a short time later, Trump seized on a racist conspiracy narrative that Democrats were promoting illegal immigration to weaken the influence of white voters. “They are trying to force them to vote in the next election,” he said of Democrats and immigrants.

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Biden campaign spokesman Ammar Moussa said of the former president's statements: “Once again, Trump is trying to distract the American people from the fact that he repealed the fairest and strictest border security law in decades because he believes it will help his campaign. Sad.” ”

The majority of delegates will be chosen on Tuesday

The next big date on the US election calendar is Super Tuesday next Tuesday, when about a third of the two parties' delegates will be awarded. Republicans will hold primaries in 15 states that day, including the most populous US states, California and Texas.

Anyone who wants to become a presidential candidate in the United States must first win internal party primaries. Candidates are then formally selected at party conferences in the summer. The Republican Party nominating convention is scheduled to be held in mid-July. The actual presidential elections are scheduled to take place at the beginning of November.