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USA: Visa restrictions for many Hong Kong delegations

USA: Visa restrictions for many Hong Kong delegations

Days after a new “security law” took effect in Hong Kong, the United States announced visa restrictions for government officials in the Chinese special administrative region. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said yesterday (local time) that the State Department is moving to impose “new visa restrictions on several Hong Kong government officials” in response to “escalating repression” and restrictions on civil society, media and critical voices. . He did not give any further details.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry representative in Hong Kong denounced Washington's latest move as a scandal involving the new “security law” and interference in China's internal affairs.

The “Protection Act” was passed in an emergency procedure

Last weekend, a new national “security law” came into effect in Hong Kong, which was previously passed in an emergency procedure. According to the local government leader, the law is intended to close loopholes in a “security law” passed by Beijing in 2020 and has drawn strong criticism from the United States and Great Britain.

Among other things, offenses related to “sedition” carry life imprisonment. Beijing passed the “Security Law” in 2020 in response to pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. The law, which has been heavily criticized internationally, enables authorities to crack down on any activity they believe threatens China's national security.

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