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USV Furth rocks Science Busters t-shirts

USV Furth rocks Science Busters t-shirts


At ORF, “Science Busters” brings audiences closer to complex scientific topics in a humorous way. And now they have also discovered their love for football. On Saturday, USV Furth (Krems Region) players wore pink Science Busters jerseys for the first time.

How many vitamins are in a “banana wing”? How many calories does “jerker” contain? What is the best way to miss penalty kicks? You’ll likely hear these and many other delightful questions about soccer more often at the USV Furth facility in the future. With the participation of Science Busters in the Wachau/Donau Junior 2nd Grade Club, the topic of science on the soccer field is given great importance.

As a native of a city further afield, astronomer Florian Freestetter from Science Busters had the idea to support his local club. “In a small village club, people come together much more than in a big Bundesliga stadium. There are good conversations and I’m sure science has its place too,” says Frestetter, who is happy to support more with a range of dresses.

Julian bushel

The additional players felt comfortable in the new Science Busters jerseys from the start and were an instant hit

The pink shirt is Martin Buntigham’s trademark for his Science Busters shows. On Saturday, USV Furth players were seen on the field for the first time wearing pink jerseys bearing the Science Busters logo. The new equipment may have motivated players. There was a clear victory over its visitors ESV Krems 4-0 after two goals from Thomas Dragan and one each from Sebastian Boland and Peter Engelhart.

USV Fürth beat ESV Krems 4-0 in new clothes

Julian bushel

The new shirts brought luck to USV Furth in their 4-0 win over ESV Krems

Thus Fürth improved to fourth place in the table, but at the foot of Stift Göttweig they will remain humble and continue to play passionately in the “Marillenliga”, as the second division Wachau/Donau is also called due to its geographical location. “Even though we entered Fürth, no one would dream of the Bundesliga. “But we can say with pride that we at least have better wine here than in the Bundesliga,” explains Florian Fristetter with a wink.

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