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V (Christian Drastel via Runplugged Runkit)

V (Christian Drastel via Runplugged Runkit)

07/03/2022, 677 characters

5. Tens under 50 in my series, it didn’t start slow today, but it felt hot earlier. But that’s okay, the goal in July is to finally lose weight.

Activity: Being
Period: 00:49:16
distance: distance: 10 010
Speed: 04:55
km/h: 12.20

shoes: on me
Application: number
hour: number

According to Rankett: Christian has traveled 20,020 km so far in July, averaging 6,673 km per day, an increase of 65.88 percent compared to June, when Christian’s average distance was 4,023 km per day. Christian’s hottest month so far: November 2020 at 10,999 km per day.

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Christian Drästel: Vienna Stock Exchange chat

Song #29: City Song Vienna 1.0 (Urban Revolution)

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