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Vacation 2024: Unlimited Vacation?  This is true of Netflix and Microsoft in the US

Vacation 2024: Unlimited Vacation? This is true of Netflix and Microsoft in the US

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Unlimited vacations? It's a reality with Netflix and Microsoft in the US!

Vacation 2024: Unlimited Vacation on Netflix and Microsoft in the US

Resting as much as you want on vacation – this is a reality for some companies

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As many days off as you want – this sounds fantastic and is already possible in some companies. Examples of two large American companies show what conditions this is attached to and what effect this action has.

Na, Are you already busy planning your annual vacation for 2024? German law provides for a minimum of 20 days off per five-day week. On average, German employees speak loudly Central Statistical Office Almost 32 days off.

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Chances are good: By 2024, bridge days will enable longer vacations that can also be used for long-haul travel.

Doesn't sound bad, but it's a no-brainer considering the vacation policies of some of the biggest companies in America. “According to research by Tech Magazine, Microsoft, Netflix, Zoom, LinkedIn, Oracle and“Unlimited paid holidays. This means: As an employee, as many days off as you want – with full salary compensation.

Of course, this treat for employees is attached to certain conditions, i.e. “Business week“Notified. Let's take a closer look at how well it works.

But how do you see it:

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Example Microsoft: Unlimited vacation entitlement from early 2023

In an internal communication provided to the web magazine, “on the edge“, human resources manager Kathleen Hogan writes that from now on Microsoft will follow the policy of “free time at your own discretion”. There is no need to record or submit vacation days taken; at the same time, salaries are paid regularly. This rule applies to all permanent employees in the United States.

It sounds good, but at first glance it also involves a lot of risk: does anyone still want to work? Indeed, the results show one study Since 2017 it has been the opposite. Employees who work at a company with an unlimited vacation policy typically take fewer vacation days. The reason: social pressure Rob Whalen, CEO of start-up PTO Exchange, told Online magazine, “GeekWire” He explained.

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According to studies, employees with a flexible vacation policy show more work motivation

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Many people think that if they take too many days off, their boss might think they're lazy or not doing their job diligently—and there's another benefit to the company. In some US states, companies must pay their wages. Employees for days not taken if terminated. This does not happen with an unlimited vacation policy.

Netflix has had Unlimited Holidays since 2003

The Californian streaming provider was one of the pioneers of this regulation — and since then, according to a statement “Harvard Business Review“We have been able to have mainly positive experiences. The only applicable principle is to act in the best interests of the company.

Netflix headquarters in California

Netflix Unlimited Vacation has a lot to offer

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On average, employees take no more vacation than before the regulation. Since 2015, in addition to the unlimited vacation policy, there is a requirement to take at least 25 days of vacation per year. According to Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings, employee satisfaction has increased significantly since then.

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In Germany, relatively few companies have taken this route so far. A step published in 2018 Analysis of Joblift Portal However, at least 130 companies have at least mentioned the option in their job advertisements. These include mattress provider Kasper, car-sharing provider SnapCar and start-up e-Shot. However, large companies are yet to take this step.

What do you think about unlimited vacation? Feel free to write it to us in the comments – we've got some inspiration for your next vacation:

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