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Will there be more USA Tour DLC coming?

Will there be more USA Tour DLC coming?

( – After months of waiting, development studio Saber Porto Ltd. At the end of last year, we fulfilled our original promise of a major update for Dakar Desert Rally and released V2.0 across platforms in early December 2023 with the roadbook editor, replay and photo mode, many improvements and new game content. .

The “USA Tour” for the Dakar Desert Rally is listed on the original and revised road maps

Attentive gamers, especially those who purchased the Season Pass, have noticed that the game is missing expansion and not a word about it when version 2.0 is available.

Meanwhile, the development studio has commented on the USA Tour DLC, which has been listed as part of the Season Pass since launch and was also mentioned in a revised map map released in April 2023.

There will be “news about the USA tour in the New Year”, which was announced briefly and succinctly via social media channels. We'll have to wait and see what that announcement is. If you do not want to expose yourself and avoid problems and difficulties, it is better to release the promised game content.

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