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Valentine’s Day: the most romantic restaurant in Vienna

Valentine’s Day: the most romantic restaurant in Vienna

Fund tree

the comfortable chair Already like an embrace, the cuisine guarantees joyful anticipation – for example with the homemade pasta with truffle. In the beautiful inner courtyard you can forget about time (and dream about life together as a married couple).
1010 Vienna –

She Bernard

Lamor Tojore – The lure of the French-inspired restaurant at Hotel «Motto» Oysters and champagne As a classic consonance with all that may come after. If you’re not staying at home: don’t forget the sweet “Papa” for dessert!
1060 Vienna –

Loft in SO / Vienna

Pledges of love (almost) automatically appear under Babylotti Rest’s “Heaven” when you meet the other person in Penthouse Restaurant Puts the whole of Vienna at your feet. my work: ribbon The «SO /» also has rooms for night caps and rooms.
1020 Vienna –

Du & Co. Stephansplatz

In the The concept of participation An Asian delicacy (gyoza from king crab, popcorn shrimp) is fast approaching in town. If you want to be even more interesting (and private), you can also use a The Conservatory is on the eighth floor rent.
1010 Vienna –

The dining room at Everybody’s Darling

Can you keep up with history visually with TV chef Alex Kemptner? Excitement is also guaranteed for women away from dinner. Anyway, “Cozy” is the extra room at “Everybody’s Darling” daytime bar. So only a personal lover should fit.
1010 Vienna – everybodysdarling. at

Insertion group

Lazy mouth when getting to know each other? Don’t go here! Josefstadt’s intimate bar Focuses attention In contrast. If you can’t get enough of it anyway, that’s okay. the No frills in the kitchen Stephen Stalls.
1080 Vienna –

Pleasure house

In the center of Vienna and yet only for two – that’s what the “Laterne” rental promises, just like the glazed Rooftop suite from Lusthaus calls internally. It was only agreed whether to serve boiled beef or prawns. Imitation instead of Tinder!
1020 Vienna –


Wait together for a free table and eat from only one plate – at Praterstrasse You quickly know if you are on the same wavelength (enjoyment). In any case, the Mochi motto is a good harbinger of dates: “Asian variety with a happy ending”!
1020 Vienna –

Mraz and his son

Brigittenauer top address It got a lot “hotter” after the renovation than before – the tables in the back area in particular are romantic. Back to Vinyl sound At least it shows that the other party has taste and style.
1200 Vienna –

Steirereck in the city park

A large kitchen that shows you really mean business: the quiet corners of City Park Not only suitable for discussing state secrets and banks. Moreover engagement rings You can hit Heinz Rietbauer dishes unforgettably.
1030 Vienna – steirereck. at

eye candy

Steak, pasta, or Sushi – This is something for every taste. In a relaxed atmosphere View of the Danube Canal Here you can dine internationally in a relaxed atmosphere.
1020 Vienna – eye candy


Seasonal delicacies in one Green oasis – This is in Josie, District 22. Soft meat. Seafood and products from Adjacent nursery It looks great in a greenhouse-like restaurant atmosphere.
1220 Vienna – Juicy Vienna

Fun tips for Valentine’s Day

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