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Valve: All pre-orders for the steam platform should be delivered later this year

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If you are a Steam Deck pre-order or still want to be one, you have to be patient as well as necessary change. In particular, the players on the booking queue should prepare for the fourth quarter of 2022 – just in time for Christmas. Now, however, Valve has found the turbo button and has announced that supply chain disruptions will be reduced and delivery times will return to normal. Concretely, this means that Valve wants to deliver a console for all binding pre-orders this year.

The manufacturer is also accepting new bookings for the fourth quarter. This means that if you order today, you should receive Steam Deck within the fourth quarter. It’s important to be quick here, as places are limited. Once the list is full, customers are automatically booked for the next quarter. This will then be the first quarter of 2023. It can also be assumed that if the number of requests is too large, the booking queue will be closed again. All players who want to check their time period must use Steam Deck site and log in with your user data.

Valve’s Steam Deck is available in three different versions. These differ, among other things, in internal memory. There is a 64 GB eMMC for 419 euros. A 256GB NVME SSD is available for €459. On the other hand, if you need 512 GB, you have to put 679 euros on the table. The Steam Deck main version also has anti-reflective and etched glass. An exclusive carrying case and an exclusive design virtual keyboard are part of the delivery range. Reservations can now be made for all models. Estimated order date is October to December 2022.