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GTA 6 must get the protagonist

GTA 6 must get the protagonist

In a new report (via Bloomberg), some sources have a close relationship rock games Stand up, first time GTA 6 to speak. They reveal what fans of the series have been asking for a long time. It must be one The female hero that can be played in GTA 6 Give. The woman in question is said to be Latina and part of a gang of bank robbers.

The story of a gang of thieves… The same report also shows that he should not only stay with the protagonist. Accordingly, the story follows that gang of thieves and is loosely based on the criminal duo “Bonnie and Clyde”. Players can apparently slide into the role of two characters. It was similar to the previous one, with three playable characters. But it seems to be the sequel to her Learned from the groundbreaking movie Red Dead Redemption 2 And a great deal of emphasis on the personal story that the loving couple guarantees.

But the motto “More is more!” Limited to GTA 6 It seems not only on The main character. This is how it should be Long Vice City as a main place Game launch version. However, more maps and cities will have to be added during the lifetime.

Does GTA 6 have more than one map?

The report states that the game is being traded internally as Project Americas. Because the name is based on the original plan to include vast areas of North and South America. However, these plans were apparently canceled in order to improve working conditions for employees.

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The main character in GTA 6 must be used over and over again: More content will be added after launch. The report talks about missions and cities being added at regular intervals. And the Here even completely without modification. These statements coincide with previous rumors saying that GTA 6 Draw He was way ahead of his time and would blow us away.

When will GTA 6 appear? in Bloomberg report However, the cited sources drew realistic conclusions. The game developers don’t want to commit to a release date. So they think it’s very likely the game is at least two years away. This is mainly due to the fact that little progress has been made recently.

Grand Theft Auto (6) It has been in development at Rockstar Games for years.

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