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Valve wants to make a second attempt with a new model

Valve wants to make a second attempt with a new model

In 2015, Valve released its first Steam Controller. Sales stalled after four mixed years, but with the success of the Steam platform, a new model may follow.

A Steam Deck creator recently revealed that this should only be a matter of time. According to him, there will definitely be a second version of the Steam console in the future.

Steam Console: Second Edition ‘Just a matter of how and when’

During an interview with The Verge Languages Steam Deck designers Lawrence Yang and Pierre-Loup Griffe talk about the future of Valve’s in-house hardware. On this occasion, a possible second Steam console was also queried. Yang explained that the Valve team was positive about such a thing.

He even specifically says: “Yeah, we want to realize that.” In addition, the designer states that the Steam console will be coming, but it is not yet known in what form. “It’s just a matter of how and when,” Yang explains.

The focus remains on the Steam Deck

However, Valve’s designers will continue to focus on the Steam Deck, Yang explains. Speaking of the Steam console, he said it’s likely that designers will embrace it because they want it too. “Right now, we’re focused on the set, so it’s a bit like asking on the mic: It’s definitely something we’d like to work with on a third party or look at ourselves.”

It remains to be seen if the new Steam console can finally convince. According to the designers, it will be a long time before it is released. The first edition of We have already tested steam consoles extensively for you at that time And tell you where the weaknesses of the gamepad lie.

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