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Venezuela: The opposition wants to participate in the elections

Venezuela: The opposition wants to participate in the elections

After several provinces, the Venezuelan opposition is striving for a self-appointed interim president Juan Guaido To participate in regional elections in the troubled South American state on November 21. “We made this decision after a difficult process of internal consultations,” Plataforma Unitaria said.

Left President Nicolas Maduro congratulated the opposition on its decision. “I’m going to sit in an armchair with the TV on, with my popcorn on, to see Juan Guaido vote on November 21,” the autocratic head of state said on VTV. “And I will applaud because we were able to bring him back to democracy.”

In the group surrounding Guaidó there are various Venezuelan opposition parties such as Primero Justicia and Voluntad Popular. In a few days, the government and the opposition want to resume the dialogue that began in Mexico in mid-August in the years-long conflict.

The opposition is demanding free elections and the release of political prisoners, and the socialist government is striving to ease international sanctions. In the 2018 presidential election, for example, from which authoritarian head of state Maduro emerged victorious, the opposition did not participate, arguing that it was not free and fair.

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