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Verdict Litchner: You have to admit your mistakes

Verdict Litchner: You have to admit your mistakes

The referee of ÖFB Harald Lechner was on episode 109 of the podcast DAB | Sound proof as a guest. The 38-year-old recounts, among other things, how he deals with mistakes and challenges in judging today and why he became a referee in the first place.

… about your reasons for becoming an arbitrator: “For me it was my family history. It was through my father that I entered this invitation at the age of fifteen. It was fun and that’s why I’m still there today, a few years later.”

… on respect for the rulers: “I can only talk about myself there. I haven’t had any major problems in the league yet. I find it okay to respect myself as a person. But I am also a guy who communicates a lot with players and also admits to mistakes. This is a very important thing. You have to stand by your mistakes or even Sell ​​your center. “

… about challenges in arbitration today: “I owe something to the teams through my league. I put it this way: the referee is very strong for 90 minutes, and unfortunately it can have a very negative impact on the match. So, I see the challenges, but also the responsibility that falls on us in 90 minutes, is very high. Very. It also requires more and more preparation nowadays. You are only watching the last few matches. One tries to identify potential dangers. It’s not a panacea of ​​course, but I think if you look at the teams, you look at the types of players, you can block a lot as a referee. I also see that this is my job. I don’t see it as my duty to always interact, I want to act preemptively and stop things. I don’t want to keep giving yellow cards. My behavior, my communication should be a sign of the players. ”

DAB | Audio Guide Episode # 109 with Referee Harald Lechner

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