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Vice President of Neo-LASK: "Juergen Werner has been wronged"

Vice President of Neo-LASK: “Juergen Werner has been wronged”

Oberndorfer also defends Werner against the current investigations and allegations in the Bundesliga: “Jürgen Werner has been wronged, his resignation makes me sad. I appeal to former friends – especially Manfred Zunner and Christoph Doppler – their secret campaign and their constant attacks against Jürgen Werner and stop LASK immediately. All accusations against him. Issued in the past few weeks can be traced back to the same people. “

Thalhammer and Zöpfl both take on sports schedules

According to the club, coach Dominic Thalhammer and sports coordinator Fabian Zopfel will take over the sporting agenda of Linz’s long-term “mastermind”. Werner also confirmed in his farewell speech that he would be “of course happy to advise” the sporting leadership of fourth place, if desired.

As “News” reported at the end of April, Werner allegedly handled the transfer rights of LASK players through a stake in the company, thus violating FIFA rules. Werner, who used to be a player’s agent and was officially only vice president of LASK since 2019, has handled covert deals with transfer rights, presumably this too after 2015, when it was explicitly banned by FIFA and ÖFB for a long time.

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