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Victory and defeat for Telf handball players: Just one strong run is not enough

Victory and defeat for Telf handball players: Just one strong run is not enough

The women of UHT Telfs/Meinhardinum had to take note, as they lost their home match in the Serie A Women’s Serie A match last Saturday relatively clearly with 24:33 to third-placed ASC Laugen. However, on Sunday, the Telfer U17 team found their way back to winning ways with a narrow margin of 29:27 against BSG Schenna.

A2 Feminine Series:
UHT Telfs/Meinhardinum vs ASC Laugen 24:33 (12:16)

The first phase of the match clearly belonged to the fast and physical players of Laugen, who took a 5-1 lead after 6 minutes. Teleferinen But they fought back against their opponents who looked superior and scored one goal after another. But bad luck on some throws prevented this Compensation due at that time. Although the team trailed by four goals in the first half, winning a point seemed within reach. In the second half However, the Telfers had nothing left to counter the South Tyrol side’s attacks, as they only managed eight successful shots on goal. At this point in the game the erosion of power is becoming evident, which had its origins primarily in the fact that women in the UHT Telfs/Meinhardinum had to compensate for the long-term absence of injured team members for several months. What speaks about the Telfers team is that despite this handicap, they never gave up and showed complete commitment until the end.

UHT Telfs/Meinhardinum: Leah Rettenbacker (9), Katharina Bacher (4), Shirin Bejkovic (4), Pia Ortner (2), Emma Post (2), Georgina Barr (1), Selena Mays (1), Alice Markt (1), Sofia Auer , Emilia Barr, Emilia Ebenbichler, Lucia Lassnig, Emily Cole, Linda Steiger

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Under-17 League South Tyrol/Trentino
UHT Telfs/Meinhardinum vs BSG Sheena 29:27 (17:8)

And with this win… Telfer U17 After two defeats Back to winning ways. from Playmaker Leah Rittenbacker With excellent leadership, the Telf girls gave their Sheena contemporaries no chance in the first half either on offense or defence, allowing just eight goals and taking a 17:8 lead by halftime. In the second half, the South Tyrol team changed its defense and suddenly sand appeared in the Telfer game. The Skeena girls succeeded in reducing the huge gap to two goals in the 58th minute of the match. U17 UHT Telfs/Meinhardinum secured victory Georgina Barr With their goal making it 29:26 in the 59th minute of the game, then having to accept another goal to make the final score 29:27, falls under the category of “acceptable cosmetic flaw”.

UHT Telfs/Meinhardinum:
Alice Markt (8), Leah Reitenbacker (6), Georgina Barr (5), Sophia Auer (4), Emilia Ebenbichler (3), Lucia Lassnig (3), Laura Klotz, Melissa Markt, Linda Waldhardt, Ella Zohner, Olivia Gable , Emily Cole