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Researchers extract lithium ions from seawater

Researchers extract lithium ions from seawater

© Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Researchers at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology have come up with a method Lithium ions from sea water to generate. These seep through the pores of one of them evolved electrochemical cell. Bahr Electric Laut This consists of three chambers, which consist of a membrane Lithium Lanthane Titan (LLTO) separate from each other.

One section contains a buffer solution and a copper cathode coated with platinum and ruthenium. The other chamber consists of a solution of sodium chloride and an anode and is also covered with platinum and ruthenium.

Hydrogen and chlorine gas generation

Sea water flows into the middle chamber. Due to the voltage between the electrodes, the negatively charged particles migrate to the anode chamber and the positively charged particles into the cathode chamber. at 3.25V voltage The cell also produces at the cathode hydrogen gas And at the anode Chlorine gas. The tension pushes lithium across the LLTO membrane.

The system was tested in the Red Sea. In general, the oceans of the world contain 5000 times more than lithium As a deposit. In almost pure form, the obtained lithium is used to generate inexpensive batteries.

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