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victory!  The powerful “Eagles” didn’t give the runner-up from South Tyrol a chance either!  – EC iDM VSV heat pumps

victory! The powerful “Eagles” didn’t give the runner-up from South Tyrol a chance either! – EC iDM VSV heat pumps

Second match, second win – The very strong “Eagles” did not give the runner-up from Bolzano any chance and won with a strong goal 4-1. The decisive factor was the impressive middle third, in which the Whites scored three goals. Maxi Repairing Double Pack Glow!

After the opening win in Linz, Adler, who still had to do without Len Viveiros and Kevin Hancock, wanted to improve on the home season opener against the runners-up from Bolzano. In the first minutes, the match developed in a balanced manner, and both teams tried to achieve success through cohesive defense and quick attacks. The best scoring opportunity at this stage was presented to Andrew Desjardins in the fourth minute, but Bozen goalkeeper Niklas Sundberg blocked it. Mike Halmo, on the other hand, could only be stopped by a foul. For this, Philipp Lindner had to sit in the penalty area for two minutes. When they were outnumbered, the visitors scored the supposed goal 0-1 through Christian Thomas (seventh place). But after studying the video, the goal was rightfully disallowed by the referees due to a previous hand pass. In the 11th minute of the match, cheers erupted in the city hall for the first time, and this time the goal was awarded: after a pass from Alexander Rauchwald, Maxi Rebernig grabbed the puck and moved in front of the goal, allowing Niklas Svedberg, who was already on the ground, to come out and score the goal easily: 0 .

The visitors started with a lot of pressure in the midfield. In the 23rd minute, Christian Thomas scored the equalizing goal on his stick, but the excellent player JP Lamoureux saved it in the VSV goal. On the other hand, the ‘Adlers’ did better: Maxi Rebernig was there again after a fumble in front of Niklas Sandberg’s goal and pushed the ball over the goal line to make it 2-0 in the 26th minute. Just two minutes later, the blue team followed up: this time John Hughes passed Perfectly for Benjamin Lanzinger and raise the score to 3-0 (28). The visitors took advantage of the unnecessary loss of goals in the Eagles’ attacking third to make the score 3-1 through top scorer Mike Halmo with a powerful shot into the cross corner (32). But the reaction of the Whites was quick: this time Anthony Luciani was there, who defeated Svedberg and brought the score to 4-1 for VSV.

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In the final period, the visitors responded, removing Niklas Svedberg from the goal and replacing him with reserve Gianluca Valini. However, not much changed in the match: the blue and white team clearly controlled the game, even if the Bolzano residents tried desperately to turn the game around with lots of running. The visitors were also unable to take advantage of the power play to score another goal six minutes from time.

Heat pumps EC iDM VSV – HCB Südtirol Alperia 4:1
Goals: Rebernig (11, 26), Lanzinger (28), Luciani (37); Halmo (32.)

Images: VSV/Kramer