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Video: Alex Honald climbs freely on popular climbing trails in the US and Europe

Video: Alex Honald climbs freely on popular climbing trails in the US and Europe

The virtual reality documentary “Alex Honold: The Soloist VR”, the most famous solo climber of his time, climbed ropelessly through large walls, including the Yellow Wall in Klein Gin, Europe and the Desert Gold. Red Rocks or Larger Parts American Direct at the Petit Drew.

The British albinist and filmmaker were also together for two years Jonathan Griffith Alex Honold In his free solos. Always with him: with his VR camera, he recorded surveys in high resolution 3D 360 recordings. “After seeing how excited the audience was with Alex on Free Solo, we thought VR could bring people closer to the wall while constantly pushing the boundaries of sport and human achievement,” says the filmmaker.

Video: A Sneak Peek at Alex Honald: The Soloist VR

Instead of just in the middle

The two-part documentary gives John Griffith Oculus TV See. However, the Meta Quest VR headset is required for the full virtual experience. If you are unable or unwilling to make this investment, you can still move on to the classic three-part series. Creating Soloist VR By the director Renan Osterk To fall back.

Strong team in the background

A few other high climbers have been involved in the success of this project, including the delay Korato Bess, Thomas Mல்லller As Nicholas Hojack, Who continued to work hard with Alex Honald. They not only ensured the safety of the crew, but also helped them to climb high mountains or to place heavy camera equipment on vertical walls.

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Alex Honald is very pleased with this conclusion: “For anyone who wants to delve deeper into the world of free solo climbing, Soloist VR is the perfect opportunity to do so comfortably in your own home.

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