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The United States and its allies will defend NATO territory

The United States and its allies will defend NATO territory

A Russian missile strike on a military training area near the Polish border has killed at least 35 people. The United States has reiterated that part of NATO countries will be protected in the event of an attack.

5:12 pm, March 13, 2022

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John Kirby is a U.S. Department of Defense spokesman © AB

Ukrainian sources say at least 35 people have been killed in a Russian missile strike on a military base near Lviv. Regional Governor Maxim Kozitsky said another 134 people were injured in Sunday’s attack on a site in Yavori. The training site is in Lviv and Northwest It is 15 kilometers from the Polish border.

Now the U.S. Department of Defense has reiterated its emphasis on the United States and its allies To protect the territory of NATO countries in the event of an attack desire. “An armed attack on one person is considered an armed attack on everyone,” John Kirby, a spokesman for NATO, told ABC TV on Sunday about the duty.

“Defend every inch”

He also said that this was the reason for the increase in the presence of US and NATO forces on the eastern border of the alliance. “We have He made it very clear to Russia that NATO territory would be protectedNot just the United States, but our allies, “Kirby said. Existing tax to the Russian Ministry of Defense Avoid direct conflicts.

Jake Sullivan, national security adviser to US President Joe Biden, also told the NBC on Sunday that the United States would “protect every inch of NATO”. The However, the US military will not intervene directly in UkraineTo avoid a confrontation with Russia, he said.

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