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Video competition: Carneri-Holding Graz students won

Video competition: Carneri-Holding Graz students won

As part of the “move2zero” project, which was completed in April, a video competition was also called for in schools in Graz. Ninth grade pupils in 28 schools in Graz were invited to present their ideas on the topic of zero-emission transport in Graz via a short video.

The competition continues until March 29. Then a jury of 6 people participating in the “move2zero” project evaluated the videos. Now the winners have been chosen. He won first place Pia Petochnig, Felicia Nelson And Julian Hooper From BG/BRG Carnery. The three students were introduced by Mark BeersHolding Graz, member of the Board of Management of the Mobility and Leisure Department, presented the main prize of 500 euros in Graz vouchers.

“move2zero” project.

In the context of this “move2zero” project, alternative driving systems, such as the hydrogen fuel cell bus or the battery-powered electric bus, were tested and future-oriented concepts were developed to completely decarbonize the urban bus system. The goal is to create a zero-emission public transport system that also takes into account demand-based services.

You can find detailed information about the project here!

Pictured above: Professor Indira Kopacic, Pia Petošnig, director Barbara Bruglacher, Felicia Nelson, Julian Huber, Mark Beers (from left).

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