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What's new in the Finance Committee (PK0525/05/27/2024) |  Austrian Parliament

What's new in the Finance Committee (PK0525/05/27/2024) | Austrian Parliament

Vienna (PK) – SPÖ is committed to protecting older people from fraud in electronic payment transactions (4039/A(E)). The first activity report of the Office of the Ombudsman for Payment Problems shows that there will be an increase in phishing attacks on consumers, and therefore more cases of fraud in relation to credit and debit cards and real-time transfers are mentioned in the proposal for a solution presented by SPÖ Commissioner Christian Drobets . In only 16 of the 44 fraud cases of which the Ombudsman was aware, the bank agreed to cover the entire loss. The report also shows that the majority of those infected are people over 50 years old. The SPÖ therefore calls on the federal government to hold talks with banks because it requires “targeted and effective measures from banks to protect this particularly vulnerable group of customers.” In addition, banks should generally improve their transaction monitoring and bring them more in line with current legal requirements, according to the request. A similar proposal for a decision was submitted to the Consumer Protection Committee. (The end) Jala

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