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Video reveals the secret of "Tesla Glass"

Video reveals the secret of “Tesla Glass”

Tesla has been producing stable, particularly high-performance glass for about 5 years. Now, for the first time, the company is providing insight into whatTesla glassCan. In one Youtube video The project manager explains Mike BellodThe cabin is particularly quiet thanks to the new materials. 2016 A former materials engineer at Apple led the development of glass.

In the video, Billyud shows how quiet the car’s cabin is. For this purpose, two layers of glass are placed on top of each other. In the middle there is a layer with sound absorbing materials. He demonstrates this by closing the window in a noisy environment, after which no noise can be heard. This feature has already been used in the new version of the Model 3 (I mentioned Futurezone).

The glass roof filters out 99 percent of UV rays

The Model 3 glass roof extends from the windshield to the rear. Bellod explains that this posed several challenges. On the other hand, the glass must be safe so that it can withstand accidents. On the other hand, people in the car should be protected from ultraviolet rays. ceiling sucks 99 percent Radiation and is therefore relatively safe, Belloud explains.

The camera setup used for the autopilot is centrally located above the windshield. This becomes a lens. This ensures that distortion and warping through the glass does not cause any problems for the cameras, but the effect can be used to improve the autopilot.

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