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Vienna Capitals sacked Shaun Lalonde - it's the players union's turn!  - Hockey -

Vienna Capitals sacked Shaun Lalonde – it’s the players union’s turn! – Hockey –

Plus Cliff Poe (inform usVienna Capitals has another people building site with Shawn Lalonde, which appears to be (for the time being) also completed.

Shawn Lalonde was presented as the best entry at the Vienna Capitals in mid-August, but he only had a brief guest appearance.

The reason is the league’s coronavirus protocol, which has been heavily criticized by the players’ union, which states that the league must completely get out of responsibility with regard to its COVID measures in games.

Each player must sign this paper and send it to the league by the clubs – this was the only way to participate in this year’s season.

All teams have done this, albeit with some grinding of their teeth. But at the Vienna Capitals, Lalonde refused access, for which the KHL forced to sign the protocol.

So publication was not yet possible, all attempts by the hats to persuade the defender to sign failed. Therefore, according to the players union “UNION”, they have now separated from the defender and fired him.

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The federation has already announced that it will support the player and has already begun work. Vienna Capitals has yet to issue an official statement, but yesterday it introduced its successor, Anton Carlson.

One could assume that this reason would have implications…