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Austrian FA Cup: SV Ried wins OÖ-Derby against Steyr - Bundesliga

Austrian FA Cup: SV Ried wins OÖ-Derby against Steyr – Bundesliga

The SV RED He has in the second round of the Austrian FA Cup against the second division Forward Steyr Don’t miss a thing and celebrate Sovereign’s 3-1 away win. Satin (27th), Pomer (49th) and Meisl (64th) brought the Innviertel team to Siegerstrasse. Ikuweimissi (80) scored a consolation goal for the bottom of the current table in the second division.

Reed dominates the first half

Ryder showed from the first minute that they wanted to move to the Round of 16. Chebbi fired the first kick in the second minute, but Studinger saved it strongly. Shortly thereafter, Offenbacher’s bullet only hissed (the sixth), before Satine just missed. But in the 21st minute, it suddenly emerged that the bottom of the second-division table had a great 1-0 chance. Ikwuemesi fired the turbo, but shot away from the gate.

In the 27th minute, the guests took a well-deserved lead: Murat Satin climbed away after a long ball in front and Steyer didn’t give Staudinger goalkeeper any chance this time. With a 1-0 lead, Ryder went on the first half break.

Boomer and Maisel explain it all

Immediately after the break, the guest increased to 2-0. Christoph Haas, who was in the Raider Tour from the start today, hit the ball deep into the opponent’s half, as Bommer turned as fast as he could, ran towards the goal and defeated Studinger (49). In the 64th minute, Rieder removed all remaining doubts: Luka Meisel ran into the penalty area after a corner kick from Notz and his head from the leather into the goal – 0: 3 (64).

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But the hosts did not give up yet and reduced the match to 1: 3 in the 80th minute. Iquémisi reached a free-standing header after a Joker Fisher cross and pushed it over the line.

Austrian FA Cup, second round

SK Striker Steyr – SV Ried 1:3 (0:1)

EK Kamerhofer Arena Steyr; 1100 spectators SR Muckenhammer

SK Vorwärts Steyr – SV Ried . live broadcast tape

rip: Ikwuemesi (80) bzw. Satin (27), Boomer (49), Maisel (64)

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Photographer credit: Harald Dostal

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Written by Daniel Ringsmouth