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Vienna in Taylor Fever: 5 'Swifties' Events Around the Concerts

Vienna in Taylor Fever: 5 'Swifties' Events Around the Concerts

The Swifties have been waiting a year to finally be able to buy tickets for Taylor Swift's concerts from August 8 to 10. If you're already suffering from Swift fever or want to get that feeling after the concerts, there are some events in Vienna surrounding the concert highlights. PULS 24 provides an overview.

For three days, pop phenomenon Taylor Swift will be a part of it. “Ages” Tour. Stop by the Ernst Happel Stadium in Vienna. Swifties travel from all over Europe to attend the high-profile event, as evidenced by the huge bookings at Vienna hotels during the concert period. So it's no surprise that the whole of Vienna fell in love with Taylor's hype.

There are a few Taylor Swift-inspired events happening in the capital before and after the concerts. PULS 24 has rounded up five.

1. Swiftie Festival.

He's participating in a Taylor Swift concert marathon. Silavi Club For this occasion, immediately a The whole festival To align. Under the name “Swienna” there will be a day from 8 to 10 August from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm Day party To get in the mood for the after party. Then there's one After show party Including bus transportation from the stadium to the concert site.

2. Taylor Swift Rooftop Music

In the zoko vienna Available on July 13th Swiftie Style Rooftop PartyA DJ will play classic hits from the 34-year-old singer throughout the evening. Cocktails inspired by Swift's albums will also be served.

3. “Tour of the Ages” walk.

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On August 7th there will be a start at 3pm. “Tour of the Ages” walk. On the Prater Square lawn. This event is primarily aimed at international guests who travel to Vienna specifically for the concerts. The “Swifties” can meet for a picnic and party together before the concerts.

4. Taylor's Night at the Club

In the Camera Club There will also be a Taylor Swift concert on August 9. The club hosts monthly Swift-themed parties.

5. Candlelight Concert at Coburg Palace

Taylor Swift's Candlelight Songs Are Nice And Classic? It's Coming August 11th In the Coburg Palace Giving that exact experience. As part of candlelight parties Live music experiences take place at various locations. A string quartet will perform selected songs by the artist on this day in August.

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