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Vienna started the summer break with a win at home

Vienna started the summer break with a win at home

Vienna started the summer break with a win at home

In the last round of the ADMIRAL II League, there was still a home match for Vienna. In Hohe Warte, the Döblingers met SKU Amstetten. Vienna started the match strong and in the first half the score was 3-1 to the home team. In the second half, Mohamed Sotjo's side extended their lead to 4:1 and secured victory confidently as time ticked by. With FAC tied, the Döblingers are in third place.

And in the last game of the season, it was also time to say goodbye. At the end of the season, First Vienna FC 1894 bid farewell to central defenders Thomas Kreuzuber and Armin Grimsl. Both will leave the club and were honored again before the match for their achievements for the club.

Simple change

Compared to the last round win over Admira, coach Sutko had to replace Bernhard Luxbacher. Philip Oakes started for him. The match against Amstetten started carefully. There were not many scoring opportunities from either side at the beginning. Vienna stood safely and entered Amstetner's half repeatedly, but without becoming dangerous.

Philip Oakes had the best chance. After the German took a free kick just before the penalty area, the number ten distributed the ball well towards Amstetner's goal. But his shot was too low for the visitors' goalkeeper.

Noah Bischoff with a goal worth watching

In the 26th minute, the time came. Vienna played well from their own half. Bauer served Bischof in front of the 16 guests, and Vorarlberger allowed the Amstett player to step out and take off. The ball landed in the Lower Austria penalty area to give Vienna a 1-0 lead.

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Vienna remained strong at this point. Just four minutes later, David Byham extended Dopplinger's lead. Once again the blue and yellow played the ball forward through several stops. This time it was Stratznig who passed the ball to Byham, who was lurking in the 16th minute. The veteran took the ball with him and fired a cool shot to give Vienna a 2-0 lead.

Vienna expanded its progress

The next goal of the match was again for the home team. Ochs took a direct free-kick shortly after the halfway line inside the visitors' penalty area. Noah Steiner was in the right place and headed the ball home for a 3-0 lead.

But the Lower Austrians did not surrender. After losing the ball, Amstetten made his way to the edge of the Vienna penalty area. Weixelbraun was brave and shot the ball, the ball passed perfectly, and the Lower Austria team reduced the deficit to 3-1.

Amstetten is dangerous after the end of the first half

The first moments after the restart belonged to the Amstettners. Juliana managed to repel an attack by the Lower Austrians, supported by Omirovic for a corner kick. Vienna also managed to keep out the visitors' extra efforts otherwise the attackers would have been offside.

In the 64th minute, it was Giuliani who intervened again to prevent the visitors from scoring another goal. After a long throw-in, the ball went to Amstetner in the 5th minute, who immediately shot, and the Vienna goalkeeper cleared the ball over the goal.

Bishop again

In the 71st minute, Vienna attacked again. Amstet initially managed to block Bauer's ball inside the visitors' penalty area. The defensive attempt ended right at Bischoff's feet. The striker took measures again and converted to give Vienna a 4-1 lead. Shortly afterwards, defender Bombek received a yellow and a red card.

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Hohe Warti bows

In the 78th minute there was one of Hohi White's special moments. Defender Thomas Kreuzuber, a mainstay at the heart of Döblinger's defense for four years, came on as a substitute again in Vienna's final match. The Hohe Warte team once again stood up and bowed to our number 15. Thank you Cruzy for everything!

Nothing changed in the final result. Vienna bid farewell to the summer break with a victory at home and a series of five consecutive victories. With the FAC draw, the Döblingers also achieved third place in the second ADMIRAL League! Bravo boys!

First Vienna 1894 vs SKU Amstetten 3:1 (3:1)

Admiral League II Round 30
Saturday, May 25, 2024 at 5:30 pm
Naturina Hohe Wart, 1907 spectators

Gates: 1:0 Bischoff (26th), 2:0 Byham (30th), 3:0 Steiner (37th), 3:1 Weixelbraun (41st)

Vienna: Giuliani, Steiner, Sanogo, Byham, Oakes, Bombeck, Omirovich, Boateng, Bischoff, Bauer, Stratzig.