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Virologists inject themselves with a Johnson & Johnson booster

Virologists inject themselves with a Johnson & Johnson booster

Professor Dr. said. Stanford: “There is no doubt that people who received the J&J vaccine were less protected from disease than those who received two doses of other vaccines.” Michael Lynn.

Jason Gallagher, an infectious disease expert at Temple University’s School of Pharmacy, recently received a dose of Biontech/Pfizer at the Philadelphia Immunization Clinic, where he was vaccinating himself. He got the J&J vaccine in a clinical trial in November.

He was concerned about data from the UK showing lower efficacy against the delta variant in people who received only one dose of the vaccine.

Well-known scientist Angela Rasmussen, a researcher with the University of Saskatchewan Vaccines and Infectious Diseases Organization, said on Twitter that she received a dose of the vaccine from Biontech/Pfizer after receiving it from J&J in April.

Rasmussen encouraged patients to talk to their doctors about a booster dose, but she wanted to Reuters Not expressing an opinion.

Boosting with a second dose of J&J or one of the mRNA vaccines could provide broader protection, “but we need CDC-FDA data and guidance,” Vaccine expert Peter Hotez of Baylor College of Medicine said in a tweet.

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