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NASA's probe photographed Chinese Mars rovers from orbit

NASA’s probe photographed Chinese Mars rovers from orbit

China’s Mars probe “Tianwen-1” Successfully landed on May 14 in favor of Cause a big commotion. China was the first country to land a rover on Mars on the first attempt. Such as Mars rover “Zhurong” It then completed its first flight a few days later, and China became the second country that could transport vehicles to Mars.

Where Zhurong little curves over the surface of Mars, Sending selfies To Earth and collect research data. In total, the rover must examine the Martian surface and atmosphere for at least 3 months. The rover must be nOh look for traces of life.

Now the Chinese rover has been used before NASA probe out of orbit Photographed a second time. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) It has been orbiting the Red Planet with its high-resolution cameras since 2006.

There was some dust when landing

In the pictures it is landing site Clear to see. Differences in color are due to Mars dust comes out And – stones to explain during landing, The University of Arizona writesWhere the images were evaluated.

A little further is that Zurong Rover Identify. They are also visible Corridors in the sands of Mars. Compared to the first photos taken by MRO of the Chinese rover, Zhurong’s movements are clearly visible.

Photographed by NASA’s rover

NASA’s Mars Exploration Orbiter has Also NASA spacecraft landing on Mars in february Taken from a satellite perspective. The MRO was about 700 km from the roving landing and was traveling at a speed of about 10,800 km / h.

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