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Visa provision information combats token fraud

Visa provision information combats token fraud

December 16, 2023, 4266 characters

Visa (NYSE: V), a global payments leader, today announced the launch of Visa Provisioning Intelligence (VPI), an AI-powered product designed to combat token fraud at the source. VPI is available as a value-added service to clients and uses machine learning to assess the likelihood of fraud in token deployment requests. This allows financial institutions to specifically prevent fraud and provide smoother and more secure transactions for Visa cardholders.

Tokenization is a powerful anti-fraud technology that helps protect consumers’ account data from malicious actors by replacing account numbers with a unique code. However, the codes can be illicitly distributed to malicious actors. Visa found that losses from token deployment fraud reached an estimated US$450 million worldwide in 2022 alone.1.

“Although tokenization is one of the most secure transaction methods, we are seeing fraudsters use social engineering and other fraudulent methods to illegally provide tokens,” said James Mervyn, senior vice president and global head of risk and identity solutions at Visa. “With VPI, we leverage Visa’s extensive network and data expertise to help customers identify and prevent service fraud before it happens.”

VPI is a real-time fraud risk score between 1 (lowest probability of fraud) and 99 (highest probability of fraud)2, which is provided to issuers for each token deployment request. VPI uses a sector-level supervised machine learning model to detect patterns in past hardware token requests, e-commerce, and card tokens on file to predict the likelihood of token deployment fraud. The CPI score is intended to provide financial institutions with the following benefits:

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  • Improve fraud prediction by enabling issuers to detect provisioning fraud and deny a token provisioning request before fraud occurs.
  • Strict separation of fraudulent and non-fraudulent activities, reducing the number of rejections.
  • More legitimate replenishment requests, higher payment volumes, and continued trust in the card payment network.

In an era where most of our financial lives are digital, Visa remains focused on enhancing the security of its network and providing its customers with innovative technologies to ensure customer data is protected wherever transactions occur. VPI is now available to customers around the world as part of Visa’s suite of value-added services. If you would like to learn more about Visa’s risk and identity solutions, visit our website Smart security.

About Visa Company

Visa (NYSE: V) is a global leader in digital payments, enabling transactions between consumers, merchants, financial institutions and governments in more than 200 countries and territories. Our goal is to connect the world through the most innovative, convenient, reliable and secure payment network so people, businesses and economies can thrive. We believe that inclusive economies support everyone, everywhere, and we see access to services as the foundation for the future of money. Learn more at


1 Visa risk management information systems

2 Clients may receive a zero, indicating that the token deployment request has not been evaluated

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