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Vision of the Future – Personalized Gaming Experiences and Immersive Stories – SHOCK2

Vision of the Future – Personalized Gaming Experiences and Immersive Stories – SHOCK2

Asad Qizilbash, Head of PlayStation Production, has a vision for the future of gaming and entertainment. In a recent interview, he talked about the growing role of artificial intelligence in creating personalized gaming experiences, as well as the growing focus on emotional storytelling that goes beyond great graphics.

Shifting towards emotional stories

Qizilbash believes that advances in technology and artificial intelligence will make games more personalized and the experience can be tailored to suit each player. He also sees emotional depth becoming a major theme in games, with characters expressing themselves in ways that evoke stronger emotions in players. This focus on narrative will shift the focus away from the graphics and create stories that will stay with you long after the game is over.

PlayStation Productions: A hub for creators

PlayStation Productions aims to be a destination for creators who share a passion for video games. Qizilbash sees video games as a treasure trove of imaginative worlds and stories, and sees PlayStation Productions as a platform for translating these narratives into compelling films, television series, and other forms of entertainment.

The focus is not only on adapting existing gaming franchises, but expanding them to include global entertainment brands. PlayStation Productions sees games as starting points for stories that can be told across different media and reach a wider audience. Collaboration with passionate creators is key to this process, ensuring respect for the source material while expanding its reach.

Beyond Games: Location-Based Experiences

According to Qizilbash, the future of entertainment lies in the merging of the physical and digital worlds. Location-based entertainment (LBE) is an area worth exploring, with mixed reality experiences that seamlessly blend the visual world of games with physical spaces. This approach can enrich storytelling and create immersive experiences that meet the post-pandemic desire to connect with the real world. PlayStation Productions sees LBE as a natural extension of its franchises, leveraging Sony's expertise in games, films and technology.

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Technology: Democratizing storytelling

Advances in technology will make storytelling more accessible and affordable for creators. Qizilbash highlights Sony's unique position in facilitating this process. The high fidelity of modern video games opens up opportunities to reuse assets in animation and live-action films, while powerful game engines such as the Unreal Engine find application in virtual production, giving creators the freedom to focus on narrative rather than on technical limitations. AI, on the other hand, has the ability to further personalize experiences, with NPCs in games responding to player decisions in a more meaningful way. This appeals to younger generations who crave personalization and seek experiences with deeper meaning.

Empowering the next generation

To prepare future innovators for this evolving landscape, Qizilbash says a three-pronged approach is needed. First, inspire them with compelling stories. Secondly, demonstrating capabilities through a clear vision for the future. Finally, providing them with the technological tools necessary to implement their ideas. By promoting this purposeful approach, Sony aims to empower creators to create experiences that bring joy to people's lives.

PlayStation Productions: A beacon of storytelling

Qizilbash sees PlayStation Productions as a leader in adapting video games for film and television, demonstrating the strength of collaboration within Sony. The ultimate goal is to create a space where collaboration and camaraderie define success.

Sony's role in shaping entertainment

For Sony to play a leading role in shaping the future of entertainment, Qizilbash stresses the importance of taking risks. He believes that discomfort can breed innovation and that learning from failure is essential for growth. Encouraging creative people to explore new areas and trusting their success even in the face of uncertainty are critical steps on the path to excellence.

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