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Best prompts for matches on a dating app

Best prompts for matches on a dating app

The Hinge platform ensures interaction in online dating. What “claims” work best?

Plus Bumble and Tinder too stops A solid choice in Online dating. “Swiping” on the app becomes an interactive experience here. Among other things, you can also hear the other person’s voice through voice memos – After all, that is it according to the survey 64 percent of those looking for love are important when choosing a partner.

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What are “claims”?

Profile became sexy by the so-called “urge”, that is, the specification of the application that you answer yourself to show others how you define yourself. The answer option allows interested parties to respond to the given information and the conversation can begin. For example, if you described your superpower as “mind reading,” you might be asked how he does it instead. Potential floor for flirty conversation!

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The platform itself hasn’t released any information since 2020 about which of these “claims” work well. Of course, the most important thing here is the information that you fill in the form yourself. Choosing a promising base certainly wouldn’t hurt. As the dating app Now demonstrates, statistically speaking the following ‘prompts’ are what most often lead to conversation – As you know, the preliminary stage of the appointment:

  • This is how you win my heart.
  • “My Simple Pleasure”…
  • After that I’m crazy..
  • Together we can…
  • My irrational fear.

Emphasize own preferences and characteristics

Logan Urey, the app’s relationship expert, surrenders “indie” The advice is that these “prompts” should be filled out as personally and creatively as possible: “By stating certain quirks or preferences, you create a vivid picture of yourself and show who you are. And also what the relationship with you might be like.”

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Other “prompts” that also work well are:

  • We understand each other if…
  • I look for…
  • This year I really want…
  • My typical Sunday…
  • One of my goals in life…

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So, the more specific the templates and answers, the better! Of course, an invitation for an interview would not be harmful either. Happy dating