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Visions of Mana: After 15 years: Announcing a new part of the series

Visions of Mana: After 15 years: Announcing a new part of the series

After what seemed like an eternity, a new installment in the RPG series was announced at the Game Awards. It already looks promising.

Since the release of the Nintendo DS spin-off Heroes of Mana, no new installments of the main role-playing game series have been released. Square Enix only donated remakes, including Secret of Mana and Trials of Mana. All the fans are thrilled about the announcement of Visions of Mana, which was made during the Game Awards. Because this is actually a completely new entry in the history of the series.

In a playful way, the title ties back to the action RPG roots of its more famous predecessors. You will play as spirit guardian Val, who must protect her childhood friend on her way to the Mana Tree. Because once again the flow of mana is disrupted and must be restored so that the world does not fall into chaos. In addition to exploring the large world, there are of course many battles in which various weapons, spells and attacks are used. Popular enemies return, including the Mümmler (aka Pogopuschel), as do powerful elemental spirits. Composers of previous Mana games provide appropriate background music: Hiroki Kikuta, Tsuyoshi Sekito, and Ryo Yamazaki.

“I am thrilled to finally announce Visions of Mana, the first mainline title in the Mana series in over fifteen years,” said Masaru Oyamada, Producer of the Mana Series. “The development team has done their best to ensure Visions of Mana stays true to the popular series while offering a new experience for fans and newcomers with a completely new story, characters and gameplay mechanics. We can’t wait to reveal more details about the game soon.

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Visions of Mana is scheduled to release in 2024 for PlayStation 5, 4, Xbox Series You can watch the first trailer with game scenes here:

Mana Insights – TGA 2023 Trailer

Square Enix has announced Visions of Mana, a continuation of the legendary Mana RPG series with a new main sequel.