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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 case shows slightly different aspect ratio

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 case shows slightly different aspect ratio

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is an amazing foldable smartphone. The only small point some users criticize might be the high aspect ratio of the external monitor. This makes writing difficult, especially for taller people. According to a new leak from China, this point could have been resolved with the next generation.

Below is a transparent case for that Galaxy Z Fold 3 It was seen alongside two images of a case that is supposed to be identical to the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold4. The latter has a slightly more width, which means that the aspect ratio of the cover screen has been slightly improved. As a result, the Fold4 panel is lower in height than the Fold3 panel.

Of course, there is no way to prove that these screenshots actually represent the case of the Fold4. However, if the case is based on Samsung’s official dimensions, then the next foldable use from the Koreans should be much easier. The only other thing the leak reveals is a somewhat similar camera module design. You can see an elongated unit that contains several sensors.

A few days ago, it was rumored that the Fold4 foldable screen would be a file Less noticeable fold Would be – another criticism of the predecessor. Samsung seems to be thinking about Pleats are in great demand So to look for improvements across the board. All that’s missing is a true flagship camera system in the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold.


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