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Visit – Car experts from America were amazed by Lauer’s collection

Visit – Car experts from America were amazed by Lauer’s collection

The Carriage Association of America, based in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, is the world’s largest and oldest carriage preservation and restoration association, with more than 2,000 members in 40 countries. Once a year they meet in the chosen country and visit the relevant collections or museums there with a focus on carriages.

This year, a seven-day trip took them to Austria, where 41 guests from the United States, Argentina and Bermuda visited the Imperial Carriage Museum in Vienna, the Spanish Riding School, the Lipizzaner Stud Farm in Piper, the Hof Palace and private collections. Carts and Carts. So, a visit to the La Coche Museum was also on the agenda.

Lauer Koch Museum: Guests from Kentucky were surprised

Monica Kurzel-Runtscheiner had this,Director of the Imperial Carriage Museum in Vienna. He has already visited the La Coche museum several times. Guests from Kentucky were excited and amazed by the size of the collection, the age of some of the cars and the fact that they were able to appreciate many in their original condition. Divided into two groups, there were several technical explanations about the exhibits.

In recognition of his immense commitment to preserving the coach as a cultural asset, visitors presented the head of the collection, Wolfgang Satzer, with a “Golden Whip” tie pin, which coaches consider the highest award. This was followed by lunch at the Weiler Inn with several technical discussions.

The Coach Museum in Lae has one of the most interesting and largest private collections of coaches and sleds in Europe. With an area of ​​more than 1,200 square meters, you will be transported to the fascinating world of travel in days gone by. Among the more than 100 carriages are exhibits of the Greilenstein Castle fleet from 1750, a traveling carriage from around 1820, a gala carriage with the coat of arms of Emperor Franz Joseph I and an archbishop’s gala carriage. Clothing, unique livery, helmets, suitcases, horse blankets, saddles, saddles, even carriage stoves are on display.

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