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Voge DS900X – New Adventure Bike Test Report

Voge DS900X – New Adventure Bike Test Report

All the above points confirm the strategy followed by Voge in conquering the adventure bike category: good quality in basic components and unbeatable comfort, but without striving for perfection in every little detail. This provides a refreshing change in the constant race to get more and more often unnecessary add-on services and parts improvements that are not always necessary. Not only does Voge position itself as a budget alternative to established brand bikes, it also saves production costs specifically in areas where many bikers don't expect or need excellence.

For those who don't mind using the key regularly when refueling or who have no qualms about accepting a simple sticker as a logo, the Voge DS900X offers unbeatable value for money. However, if you value perfection and a wide dealer network and are bothered by small imperfections, you won't be happy with the Voge DS900X. And that's okay, because tried and tested models are available from premium dealers to meet these requirements.

The Voge DS900X presents itself as a likeable machine that offers excellent value for money without leaving the driver worrying about whether the engine will survive the next ride.

However, the question of how the Voge DS900X performs off-road remains open and requires extensive off-road testing. Without precise specifications of the structure, it will be difficult to make an informed assessment. If it passes that test, it could be a more compelling proposition for adventurers and off-road enthusiasts.

We test drove the motorcycle at in Mumpf (CH). In Switzerland, you can already test drive the Voge DS900X at dealers – at Mczari You can also pre-order sticker sets for the Voge DS900X.

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