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Extend your shower season with a heat pump

Extend your shower season with a heat pump

If you want to start showering as soon as possible, you need to think about how to heat the water efficiently. The swimming pool heat pump has proven to be an attractive solution for precise water temperature control for an increasing number of swimming pool owners: this type of heating is emissions-free and sustainable as well as being efficient, economical and reliable.

The devices from Austria Email AG, the local heating and hot water specialist, are ideal for swimming pools up to 90 cubic metres. It can be installed very easily and without much effort, and thanks to its small size, it also takes up little space. The continuous process is cost-effective, because pool heat pumps, like classic heat pumps, also use free ambient energy and convert it into resource-efficient and climate-friendly heating energy.

The bathing season can be extended with heat pumps from Austria Email.

PV system heat pump

These are crucial arguments, especially in times of energy transition. Anyone with a photovoltaic system running saves extra money because the free, self-generated electricity makes it cheaper to heat the pool during operation. Installing a pool heat pump is an idea for anyone who wants to get more out of their pool and use it from spring to fall. Austria Email AG offers the Aeromax pool heat pump in four performance levels, ideal for pool sizes of 50, 65, 75 and 90 cubic meters – this corresponds to a pool size of approximately 3 x 8 metres.

The devices have a low noise level, offer three operating modes with heating, automatic and cooling modes, are easy to install and do not require a large space. The usability of your own PV electricity is also a compelling argument: anyone using a PV system also benefits from cost-effective operation and saves money in electricity costs.

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So, while without a heat pump you would have to wait until the sun has sufficiently heated the pool, the water temperature can be controlled very precisely with a pool heat pump. This means you can make enjoyable use of hot water on hot spring days and mild fall days.

Advantages of a swimming pool heat pump

1. Longer bathing season: With a pool heat pump, you can greatly increase the enjoyment of bathing in your private garden for you and your family. Water temperatures can reach around 25°C in spring and autumn. There are three operating modes to choose from: heating mode, automatic mode, and cooling mode. press release

2. Maximum Efficiency: Swimming pool heat pumps can heat medium to large swimming pools easily with little energy consumption. When it comes to energy efficiency, other types of heating can't keep up.

3. Eco-friendly without losing comfort: Pool heat pumps are a sustainable and resource-efficient solution because they use free ambient energy to heat your pool. In times of climate crisis, this is a green contribution to the energy transition without having to give up comfort.

4. Reliability: With a swimming pool heat pump, the required water temperature can be set very precisely because the device provides the necessary energy reliably and continuously. With other options, such as solar heating, this is not guaranteed: the solar system only works when the sun actually shines.

5. Small space requirements: Swimming pool heat pumps are not large, so they require small space. Austrian e-mailers are also distinguished by their low noise level and inconspicuous design.

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6. Low maintenance: The Austria Email Aeromax swimming pool heat pump is particularly weather-resistant and has a plastic titanium heat exchanger for improved durability and longer service life.

In general, the devices are easy to care for and have low maintenance requirements.

In addition to heat pumps for swimming pools, the wide Austrian e-mail range offers home builders and renovators a sustainable solution for all usage requirements and for all structural conditions: from heat pumps of all types such as the LWP series for new builds and renovations, and the LWP HP High Power solution dedicated to renovation projects, via a heat pump EHT Revolution domestic water with PV integration with pool heat pumps, district heating storage, ECO Grid smart electric hot water storage and a mobile electric heater on wheels.

Through the Austrian e-mail “Quick check of heating costs”, you can objectively compare different heating systems of existing buildings over the entire period of operation and draw conclusions about costs and environmental balance:

to Check heating cost

Anyone wishing to obtain personal information about their construction or renovation project can obtain individual advice about energy-efficient heat pumps via the following electronic link, regardless of time:

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