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Volkswagen makes another meat-free canteen

Volkswagen’s Currywurst production often exceeded car sales of the primary brand. The desire for alternatives and more sustainability made the classics disappear from some canteens. But no one should do without the original sausage.

The currywurst VW is popular and a regular part of the palette for many employees: however, the classic will soon disappear from the menu in the canteen of the branded high-rise in Wolfsburg. According to an internal announcement, the company’s restaurant must be meat-free after work leave. After that, the 150 or so recipes should dispense with meat. Just now and then fishing will be part of the show.

Desirable vegan alternative

Several employees wanted vegetarian and vegan alternatives, according to the reasoning in the information letter. The reorganization also serves the theme of sustainability, because consuming less meat per week helps the environment as well. The responsible service plant has already successfully implemented the concept at the Hannover site.

Nobody at Volkswagen has to do without sausages. They will stay there in the canteen a few meters across the street. Recently, there were about seven million curry sausages from a Volkswagen butcher shop in the year before coronavirus 2019, as well as more than 550 tons of ketchup, a spokesperson said. However, many of the company’s restaurants at the car manufacturer are currently still closed.

With the switch to vegetarian and vegan cuisine, Volkswagen is adopting a trend that has been around for several years, according to the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga). “The days when some neglected vegetarian cuisine are gone forever,” a Dehoga spokesperson said.

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