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VR Wolvic Browser 1.4 has been released

VR Wolvic Browser 1.4 has been released

Wolvic, a virtual and mixed reality browser, was released in version 1.4.

Igalia has Wolfik 1.4 published. Wolvic is a virtual and mixed reality browser, which is based on the discontinued Firefox Reality.

Wolfack Innovations 1.4

Wolvic 1.4 introduces more realistic hand tracking models on Meta and Lynx devices. Also, gesture handling has been improved in situations where hand tracking is not very accurate. Also fixed an issue with hand tracking that could cause unwanted zoom and removed the code that was preventing the “tap” action from being detected. The pointer beam is returned when hand tracking is used, making pointing more accurate and finding the current focus easier.

So-called passthrough is now supported. This means that data from the device’s external camera can be displayed on the screen inside, giving the user a real-time view of the space around them. This feature is not yet available for every device, but we are working on it.

The new Feedback button allows a non-technical user to submit feedback and bugs without having to go to GitHub, which would have been the previous route.

With the Lenovo VRX, Lenovo A3, and Lynx R1, Wolvic now supports three more devices.

These were just a selection of the highlights. As always, there are a number of other patches and improvements under the hood.

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