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VW fails in US Supreme Court over diesel scandal

Volkswagen has suffered further damage in the diesel scandal in the United States. The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear appeals against the judgment of German carmaker and supplier Bosch’s low case. The court allowed the companies in the U.S. states of Florida and Utah to hold companies accountable for emissions handled under local laws.

The chief justice also dismissed VW’s appeal against a similar ruling in the state of Ohio.


Volkswagen argued that only the US government could claim ownership under the Clean Air Act. This was contradicted by the administration under President Joe Biden, which asked the Supreme Court for a legal review. He suggested that the case should not be heard by the court.

VW said the Supreme Court ruling did not take into account whether or not the company’s arguments were established. The rejection is based solely on the plaintiffs’ presentation. The car manufacturer believes in the strength of his arguments and will defend them during the next steps.

VW claims to have repaired the damage six years ago with its multi-billion dollar settlement with the US Justice and Environment Agency. The German car company fears the glue of legal requirements if individual states and municipalities enact environmental standards that deviate from federal laws.

Financial disaster

According to Volkswagen, the diesel scandal is already a financial disaster. The compensation for the exhaust gas handling has so far cost the group over 32 32 billion – mainly in North America, including fines and compensation. Damage claims from diesel owners are still pending around the world. In addition, investors want to fight in the Braunschweig High Regional Court for compensation for losses caused by the diesel scandal. The amount of claims there is about nine billion euros.

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