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The ISS is in danger: The United States is investigating the origin of space debris

After the International Space Station (ISS) astronauts had to go to safety temporarily due to space debris, the theory of a possible Russian missile test is the appearance of debris in space. The U.S. Army Space Command said yesterday it was aware of a “debris-creating phenomenon in space.” “We are actively working on sorting the garbage sector.”

Seven astronauts on the ISS are said to have temporarily returned to two spacecraft attached to the space station due to space debris. SpaceX Crew Dragon and Soyuz space capsules can be used for emergency evacuation.

The Russian space agency Roscosmos said the landfill had moved away from the ISS. “The station is in the green zone.”

Russian descent?

Meanwhile, suspicions have been raised that space debris may have come from testing a Russian anti-satellite missile. Ceratada, a company that specializes in satellite data, claimed that such an experiment destroyed the old Soviet satellite Cosmos 1408. Its debris may now have threatened the ISS. Even Harvard astronomer Jonathan McDowell thought this explanation was possible.

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