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VZ coming 2023 |  Stmk Sparkasse & Caritas: Prepared in a short time

VZ coming 2023 | Stmk Sparkasse & Caritas: Prepared in a short time

The employees of Steiermärkische Bank and Sparkasse presented themselves as a well-coordinated team today, even though banking was not possible to do this activity. This specialized team, led by Utta Hofstadter, met at Caritas in Maringasse to prepare a small snack for the loudspeaker sellers and bring it to them.

After a short get-to-know-you session, we were able to work together right away. “You distribute the rolls, we put the cheese in them, and you two put them in the paper,” was negotiated in unison by the team and began with the same enthusiasm. So box after box was filled with little snacks.

The Megaphon initiative provides 270 people in Styria with opportunities for social advancement and supports this in the best possible way. The majority of people selling street magazines are people of migrant and/or refugee backgrounds. “There will be no handouts. Half of the sales stay with the vendors, so that we can better accompany these people on their way to the world of work,” explains Sabine Gollmann from Caritas. She sees today’s project as particularly valuable, and would also like to thank everyone who participated. Because there is only one condition that matters: being human.

All the bags are filled with the same things, a drink is quickly added, something sweet and cough drops, which the vendors particularly like, and off we go. The Steiermärkische employees were divided into small groups, and they began to give a few people a little joy before Christmas.

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The project is implemented as part of the Advent calendar of the Show Responsibility Network!, a network of companies and organizations that use concrete actions to promote responsible business and good social cohesion in the country. There are around 100 partner companies in the network, and Steiermärkische Bank und Sparkasse and Caritas Steiermark have been actively involved for many years.