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There is no diesel fuel at the moment: polluted fuel at the Jet gas station in Leoben

There is no diesel fuel at the moment: polluted fuel at the Jet gas station in Leoben

There is no diesel fuel at the Jet gas station in Leoben-Leitendorf at the moment: due to fuel contamination, it is currently not possible to fill with diesel. Laboratory testing should provide clarity.

Leoben. He answers: “Yes, the Facebook report is correct, at least in part.” Gerhard dinner From the Jet gas station in Leoben-Leitendorf upon request from A user of the social media platform posted a report online on Friday, December 15, stating that the diesel at the gas station in Leoben contained water and that two cars had already been towed.

“We don’t know yet what exactly it is, but it is definitely not water. This cannot happen mainly because our sensors in the tanks would sound the alarm immediately,” says the gas station operator, who, however, has a different opinion. clarification.

“Yesterday we received a shipment of 50,000 liters, which will be processed directly through the refinery in Schwechat. As it now appears, there may have been residue of a cleaning agent in the tank of the cargo ship and it may have disappeared with it.”
Gerhard dinnerJet Leoben-Lettendorf gas station

He currently knows about it Four vehiclesThe damage was reported on Friday morning. “We definitely did a couple hundred refuelings today, and nothing happened,” Soper says.

Fuel testing should provide clarity

To find out the exact reason, be Diesel sampling Which is now in one lab Fuel test calibration Gerhard Suber explains the further procedure. Until the results are in, diesel vehicle drivers will have to shift to other filling stations. “We probably won’t have diesel for a week now,” the gas station operator said.

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