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WAC can't win again: number zero in Linz

WAC can't win again: number zero in Linz

Wolfsberger did not take advantage of the opportunity to finish at the top of the qualifying group on Saturday evening. After a 0-0 draw against BW Linz (fourth draw in a row), Carinthians remained behind Austria Vienna.

BW Linz and WAC had nothing to offer each other.
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Wydad missed the opportunity to lead the German League qualifying group. In Blau-Weiß Linz, the Carinthians were unable to overcome a 0-0 draw in Saturday's third round and remain one point behind leaders Austria Vienna. On the other hand, the Blue and White waits 11 matches to achieve complete success and is six points behind Wydad Casablanca, which occupies fourth place. The team leads the bottom team, Lustenau, by five points.

German League – Round 25

Wydad Casablanca clearly dominated the fast-paced opening phase and had a half-chance through Balou, but wasted by goalkeeper BW Schmid (fifth). The home side then had their way a little better in a match that did not offer anything noteworthy for a long time. While Linz's defense didn't do much for Carinthians, BW were unable to capitalize on the few moments they had in transition.

Before the break, things got back to normal a bit. After one of Linz's rare performances during an alleged handball by WAC player Scherzer, a penalty kick warning went off, but it was not heard (minute 40). On the other hand, a header bounced off the post (42).

More spark in the second half

There was more excitement in the second 45 minutes, as both sides gained momentum towards goal. Just over an hour later, Ronivaldo wasted his greatest chance yet with a header and the ball clearly went wide of the target (61st). Jules (69') and Seidl (72') also lacked accuracy in their headers, and Wydad hit the crossbar shortly afterwards through Altonashvili (63).

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In the end, the Linzer team was closer to victory. A long-range shot from Jules went past the far corner (85), and Joker Dobras's header failed. In the end, they also couldn't prevent BW's fourth straight game without a goal.