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WAC-Kicker reports that Kühbauer is encountered in a cabin aisle

WAC-Kicker reports that Kühbauer is encountered in a cabin aisle

The controversy between Rapid coach Dietmar Kohbauer and Wydad striker Christopher Wernitzenig goes to the next round: Wernitzeng has now reported a post-match in the cabin aisle.

After SK Rapid’s 1: 2 bankruptcy against WAC and a controversial penalty, Kühbauer surprisingly found aggressive words against Wernitznig.

“It’s always easy to make decisions, especially when there is a player who is now known all over Europe who has also succeeded in Austria, because, as far as I know, WAC has awarded more than 20 penalties in the past three years,” Kühbauer raged and played with her in Wernitznigs Cause of penalty against Feyenoord In the European League and.

“If you know these players, you have to question such decisions.”

Kühbauer clearly didn’t have enough of it – at least that’s what Wernitznig mentioned. The Cronin Newspaper. Kohbauer is said to have encountered the 31-year-old in the cabin aisle.

“I was still wearing the dress, I was talking to Ritzy (the Ritzmaier, note), and then he suddenly came over,” Wernitznig says. Then Kohbauer is said to have stepped on Werntzenig’s foot and touched his hair and ears. With the following sentence: “I feel ashamed of meeting you one day.”

Wernitznig played 57 matches under Kühbauer at WAC (nine goals and six assists). Therefore, he gave up loudly The Cronin Newspaper Now consciously on an advertisement in the German Bundesliga: “I don’t want to make a fuss about it, I almost forgot it.” Kohbauer hasn’t shared his version of the story yet.