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"War Mongol": Tactics still need fine tuning - games

“War Mongol”: Tactics still need fine tuning – games

The real-time strategy title “Mongol War” brutally depicts WWII. However, there is still work for developers to do before publishing.

A “War Mongoloid” of destructive creatures would not appear until September, but it was already possible. “Today“But take a first look at the game, which is planned for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X. The obvious examples of the title are” Commandos “and” Desperados “tactical icons, with exciting real-time gameplay and the first” relentless “. The story has to be fulfilled in the style of the anti-war thriller movie. And very big promises.

War Mongrels also wants to show the horrors of a world war without decoration and the game’s characters must be inspired by real events. In any case, the start is exciting: two Wehrmacht soldiers and fighters in the desert of Nazi Germany join the resistance fighters on the eastern front to turn against the regime. While co-operation must also be introduced in the final game, you have fought alone so far.

The swastika can be extinguished later

Note on preview in this country: Swastika theme. The final version should also unpack and offer an option to turn off icons – the preview version can’t do that yet. In general, you shouldn’t expect much preview, because it’s a very early build to the game where the start mission was as a tutorial and the second mission was playable and midway “finished”. The game is played in real-time isometric perspective, and the focus is on stealth, where you are usually hopelessly outnumbered.

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The player controls both fugitives and can switch between them to give them orders. Characters can move across the field, you can hide with them, set traps or they can sneak up on enemies in order to silently put them out. Additionally, each of the characters has different special abilities. You can learn about this in the tutorial, which is intelligently executed as the first mission, which teaches the player to kill without much danger and with many coverage options.

I like smart planning mode

Anyone who still thinks they can take an attacking approach and shoot around can only get a few meters into the game world and die with holes in the screen of death. Throwing bottles to lure enemies away or waiting for the right moment to attack is an absolute must. A special feature that looks great: In difficult situations, planning mode can be called, which stops the time for a short period and in which you can give orders to both characters in parallel, which are then executed at the same time when the game continues. This is necessary, for example, if two enemies that take care of each other are eliminated at the same time.

It can indeed be seen that the “Nagor War” may also use many of the mechanics typical of the genre. In the preview, the characters had visual and sound fields in which enemies could perceive. However, the preview version still showed some bugs in this area: either we detected the enemies through several obstacles and then again when we were standing before them, the missions were not completed despite all the objectives or they were not saved. Sure: everything is due for the early stage.

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Lots of work, but also a lot of anticipation

The strong contrast between the two tasks that could be triggered also seemed a little strange in the preview. While the first explains each step perfectly and precisely, the second hardly ever does. The hard thing about it: In the beginning, you almost only learn to sneak and hide behind barricades and walls, while in the second mission there are virtually no hiding places. In many places you can see how much work the “War of the Nghor” still needs. After all: there’s still enough time for the release date.

In any case, the prediction is great, because if you remove the bugs, you will make an interesting impression on several levels. The story of the two authentic characters celebrates a captivating start. The cinematic scenes, presented as grim caricatures, complement the gameplay perfectly, and the tactical possibilities are based on familiar “commando” structures, but also allow plenty of individuality to shine. So it would be interesting to see if the ultimate “war Mongol” could be measured against the great idols.

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