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Warning – Correction: The full text of the press release is as follows: IronSource and Vodafone agree to partner


IronSource (NYSE: IS), a leading app economy business platform, is now partnering with Vodafone. Vodafone will integrate the ironSource Aura suite of solutions on its Android devices across Europe, including the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy. Aura is designed to enable carriers to build lasting relationships with their customers and enhance the device experience by delivering valuable content and services at setup time and throughout the device lifecycle. Aura gives network operators the flexibility to promote their content and services run in a dynamic and seamless manner.

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Ironsource and Vodafone agree to partnership (Graphic: Business Wire)

“Delivering high-quality content where it is relevant, welcome, and natural is the cornerstone of customer loyalty today,” said Arnon Harish, president and co-founder of ironSource. “We are excited to partner with a leading telecommunications brand like Vodafone to provide its customers with an improved onboard experience and a device-to-life experience that is richer and better tailored to each user’s needs.”

Customers actively download content the day they first turn on their device. It is therefore particularly important for network operators to create an improved onboarding experience at this critical touch point. Aura offers a dynamic setup experience and enables Vodafone customers to fill their devices with content that suits their needs and interests.


About IronSource

IronSource is a leading enterprise application economy platform. Application developers use the IronSource platform to transform their applications into successful, scalable businesses by leveraging a comprehensive suite of software solutions to help them attract and retain users, monetize content, and analyze business performance to improve them for greater overall growth. The IronSource platform also allows telecom service providers to create a richer device experience by integrating app recommendations and related services to keep users engaged throughout the device lifecycle. By providing a comprehensive business platform for the core components of the app economy, IronSource enables customers to focus on what they do best – creating great apps and user experiences, while enabling the expansion of their app economy business. More information at

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