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Wartberger Brewery and Band Edenbridge work together when it comes to beer

Wartberger Brewery and Band Edenbridge work together when it comes to beer

WARTBERG. Strong full beer with fruity aromas with the evocative name “Shangri-La” created by Gerald Peterseil of Wartberger Bier with the metal band “Edenbridge”. The special edition will be presented at the Freistadt beer fair on September 2.

Lanvall and Sabine Edelsbacher of the Symphonic Metal Ensemble Edinbridge They were tasting beer in a small but good brewery Wartberg beer So excited that the idea of ​​shared beer was born with master brewer and managing director Gerald Petersell. “Of course it should be named after our current eleventh album ‘Shangri-La’ – released on September 16. Being big fans of India Pale Ale, it was an obvious choice to go in that direction,” says guitarist Edenbridge Lanvall, who lives In Wartberg.

The result was “Shangri-La” New England India Pale Ale with pineapple, citrus, apricot and peach flavor that comes exclusively from hops. A special limited edition will be available at beer gallery Presented at Freistadt on Friday 2 September.

“Perfect India Pale Ale Beer”

Gerald Petersell, master brewer of Wartberger Bier: “What began as a hobby over eight years ago is now my vocation for over a year. I have an extraordinary beer. Through “Shangri-La” we have created the perfect beer, which combines all the characteristics of India Pale Ale – fruit leaves, the orange color of beer and the clear aroma of hop.”

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